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4 Benefits of Owning a Dog – For You and ThemFamily walking dog

4 Benefits of Owning a Dog - For You and Them


There are many benefits of owning a dog. It’s no secret that dogs bring much happiness to our lives. No wonder why so many people choose to become dog owners. Dogs do not just make us happy, they are great companions and can improve our physical and mental health.

How do we ensure we give the same value back to our dogs?  It’s important we understand the responsibilities that come with owning a dog.  They need attention, structure, and love. Owning a dog is a big responsibility that shouldn’t be taken lightly. They require time, patience, and an understanding of what they need.

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Let's look at the benefits of owning a dog and what you can do to return the favour. Ensuring your pet benefits from you as much as you benefit from them.

Benefit 1 - Fit and Active

Dog owners agree that their dogs are more than just pets. They are close friends and loyal companions. Our dogs need regular walks for healthy growth and development. Having a dog sit in a backyard without regular walks is not only cruel, but it can also impact their health. It can cause muscle loss, obesity, and depression.

Being a responsible dog owner forces you to make time for regular walks.  The benefit for you is a lifestyle of health and fitness.

Importantly, there are so many fantastic activities you can do with your dog. Such as:

  • Walking
  • Swimming
  • Hiking
  • Jogging
  • Playing fetch
  • Bike rides

Dogs commonly suffer from hip and joint issues as they age. 

Undoubtedly, such activities with your dog can significantly strengthen your bond. Also providing you and your dog with a healthy and happy lifestyle.

To keep them fit and active, it’s a great idea to start them on a MOBILITY supplement to prevent and/or slow the deterioration of joints. 

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Benefit 2 - Reducing Stress and Anxiety

We all know that stress can be detrimental to our health. For us, such things as yoga and meditation usually come to mind. Clearly, these techniques work. Similarly, it’s well documented that owning a dog can be stress relieving as well.

Petting your dog

The simple act of petting your pet can ease stress and reduce your heart rate. They provide us with a sense of purpose and routine as they need to be fed and walked on cue.

Unconditional love

They have a unique ability to make us laugh. It's almost impossible to feel frustrated when a pair of curious eyes are looking at you with love. Pets can give you immense unconditional love, care, and companionship when you need it the most.


Loneliness can also be the cause of stress and depression.  Pets provide companionship. They are affectionate, honest, and consistent. They are the perfect addition to your life if you feel isolated.

Importantly, owning a dog can increase your social interaction, making it easier for you to meet new people.  There are animal communities/clubs you can be part of.  Or you can simply head over to your local dog park and meet other dog owners.

It's not just dogs that can help us relieve stress. Cats can do it as well.

Helping your dog

We know how they can help us decrease stress and anxiety.  How can we do the same for them?

Like us, dogs can also suffer from anxiety.  However, unlike us, they cannot reach out for help by themselves. As a result, more dogs are getting psychological treatments from veterinarians than ever before.

Behavioural changes such as pacing, trembling and decreased appetite can be some signs of anxiety.  If you notice anxious behaviour in your dog, visit your vet.  Early diagnosis and timely treatment can get on top of the symptoms quickly.  

Your vet can offer suggestions on therapy or dog anxiety medication. Check out The 10 tips for relieving anxiety in your dog. Furthermore, you might want to investigate an all-natural supplement formulated specifically to help your pet manage their anxiety.

Benefit 3 - Pets Can Boost Your Immune System

Studies reveal that pet owners have stronger immune systems. How? The answer is quite simple.

The reality is, that pets spend much time outdoors. As a result, they bring different germs into your house. Sharing bacteria with your pet can strengthen your immune system and make you less susceptible to some diseases.

We can provide our pets with the same benefits by adding immune-boosting supplements to their diet.

Benefit 4 - Unconditional Love

4 Benefits of Owning a Dog – For You and Them Dog and woman

If you are a pet owner then you know what real love looks like. Dogs love their owners no matter who they are or what they do in life.

The moment you bring a cute puppy home, it starts loving you. Your dog always sticks around and is always loyal.

Pets are a great example of how we should love one another. We can make the world a much better place if we learn to love as unconditionally as our pets do.  They create friendly, loving, and fun atmosphere in your home.

Give your pets the best nutrition for a happy and healthy life!

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Disclaimer: The entire contents of this email and website are not to be taken as medical advice. The team at Pet Squad Pty Ltd trading as PetWell encourages you to make your own pet healthcare decisions based on your research and in partnership with a qualified pet healthcare professional.

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