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Keeping Your PetWell Sessions

Here you'll find lots of information and tips from the PetWell Professional network on all the ways to keep your PetWell including nutrition, training, health and much more.

Choosing the Right Supplements

Confused about which supplement may be best for your dog? In this video, Kate talks about how to choose the right supplement to match your dog's nutritional needs when raw feeding. 

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Debunking Myths about Raw Feeding

In this video, Kate debunks five common myths about raw feeding for dogs. Can you guess what they all are?

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Venison + THRIVE Dog Bowl

Raw Food Recipe for Dogs - Venison + THRIVE - This recipe is designed to support immune health, suited for puppies and adult dogs - for everyday well-being.

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Beef + MOBILITY Dog Bowl

Raw Food Recipe for Dogs - Beef + MOBILITY - This recipe is designed to support joint health and reduce inflammation. 

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Why Canine Dental Hygiene is Essential

Canine Dental are Australia's first anaesthesia-free canine dental cleaning service. Using use a quiet, calm way to connect with your dog, carefully swaddling them to make them feel safe and secure. 

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Dog Training Mistakes

Diona Chu is a dog trainer passionate about animals. Her unique training philosophy includes all she has learnt over the last decade. Her dog training success is built on the forms of communication that humans and animals use to understand each other.

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