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Is Boswellia Good For Dogs by PetWell

Is Boswellia Good For Dogs?


Is Boswellia good for dogs and cats? Or pets in general? Is boswellia serrata extract safe for dogs and cats? Are they the same thing? There can be confusion due to different names, so let's explore the powerful properties of Boswellia!

What is Boswellia?

Boswellia is a natural herbal extract of Boswellia serrata, a tree native to North Africa and India.

Also known as frankincense, it produces compounds that have strong anti-inflammatory effects in humans as well as animals.  For many centuries Boswellia was used in Ayurvedic medicine to treat pain and inflammatory conditions. For example; arthritis, stiffness, swelling, inflamed intestines and even heart disease.  It also works at an immune level speeding up the healing of infections. 

Boswellia's (frankincense) origins go all the way back to BC times.  According to biblical history, frankincense was one of 3 highly valuable gifts given to baby Jesus by the three wise men. 

Is Boswellia Good for Dogs?

It’s important to note Boswellia is natural with supporting studies showing that it's  safe for your pet and very beneficial to their well-being. 

The safest way to get the dosage right is to use a supplement that has Boswellia included and follow the instructions.  Some tips on selecting a suitable supplement are;

  • Select a supplement like PetWell MOBILITY that uses only all-natural ingredients. This ensures safe consumption for your pet without the synthetic nasties. 
  • Choose a MOBILITY as it includes other ingredients that work to provide additional anti-inflammatory benefits to get the best care for your pet.  
    Ingredients that work well with Boswellia are:
    - NZ green lipped mussel
    - Turmeric
    - MSM
    - Bone broth
    This combination provides glucosamine & chondroitin to support healthy joint cartilage
  • High quality, human-grade ingredients supported by scientific evidence
PetWell MOBILITY Hip and Joint Supplement and Treats for Cats and Dogs

Choosing natural alternatives to treat your pet’s ailments is a safe long term strategy for their well-being.  However, it’s important that you seek medical advice from you Vet. 

The benefits of Boswellia for your pet

Studies show Boswellia significantly reduces clinical signs of arthritis in 71% of dogs in 6 weeks of treatment.  This highlights Boswellia’s powerful ability as a potential natural treatment for inflammation.  

Let’s take a look at how Boswellia can help your fur baby:

Joint health

Pets are prone to developing joint issues, especially as the age.  Unfortunately these issues lead to discomfort and lack of mobility for your pets.  

The active compound found in the extract of Boswellia has a high potency for treating chronic inflammatory diseases. This plays an important role in supporting good joint health.  It works to maintain structural integrity of joint cartilage whilst supporting smooth and comfortable joint movement with no long-term side effects.

It’s important to be aware of signs that indicate your pet is suffering with joint pain such as:

  • Your pet lagging on walks or not wanting to go out
  • Avoiding certain tasks, such as jumping into the car or onto a chair.
  • Being irritable or sometimes aggressive if touched in certain areas
  • Looking for warm spots around the house

Other than suppling your pet with a high-quality supplement containing Boswellia, here are some tips to help support their joint health:

  • Provide them with gentle exercises, walk them regularly. Even slow, short walks to avoid stiffness.
  • Let them swim, more so for dogs.  Swimming is a gentle way to keep your dog’s body weight under control without putting extra stress on their joints
  • Don’t over feed them.  Obese pets are more likely to suffer with joint pain due to the extra weight they are carrying
  • Provide them with a warm and soft bed where they can rest.  You could also add blankets around their joints for extra support 
  • Regular vet visits to monitor your pet's joints. It's important to pick up any joint deterioration early so you can treat it before it worsens.  Prevention is better than cure!

Digestive health

Boswellia helps reduce the production of leukotrienes in your pet. These molecules are responsible for swelling and tenderness throughout their body. Reducing leukotrienes will not only improve your pet’s joint health, it also aids in helping manage digestive disorders.

A 2015 study shows Boswellia serrata can help keep human intestinal lining healthy and ease digestion.  The same benefit applies to our pets as Boswellia behaves the same way with animals. This means a positive outcome in areas such as Inflammatory Bowel Syndrome (IBS), as it reduces symptoms. 

Healthy skin

Eczema can be a huge problem in pets causing irritating inflammation of the skin. It causes pets to constantly scratch, chew or lick the affected area causing the issue to worsen. And, in some instances, can cause infections in the skin.

The anti-inflammatory properties in Boswellia also make it great solution for your pet's eczema and skin allergies.

It's easy to see why Boswellia should be part of your pet’s daily supplement regime.  The powerful benefits have been proven to work for centuries which tells us how valuable it is. 

I hope we've helped you discover the wonders of this powerful ingredient and shown that Boswellia is safe for dogs and cats.

You can boost your pet's health by giving them a high quality supplement that includes Boswellia. Also, it's important to note that giving your pet such supplements earlier in life acts as a preventive. 

Developed by a pet naturopath, PetWell have all-natural, Australian made supplements for your pets.  Here are a couple of PetWell’s products that contain natural ingredients to support your pet's wellbeing;

PetWell MOBILITY Hip and Joint Supplement and Treats for Cats and Dogs

The Science Behind It

Don’t just take our word for it, here are some evidence-based studies for you to review.

Boswellia serrata Preserves Intestinal Epithelial Barrier from Oxidative and Inflammatory Damage
Dietary support with Boswellia resin in canine inflammatory joint and spinal disease
Effects of a nutritional supplement in dogs affected by osteoarthritis
The bountiful benefits of Boswellia

Disclaimer: The entire contents of this email and website are not to be taken as medical advice. The team at Pet Squad Pty Ltd trading as PetWell encourages you to make your own pet healthcare decisions based on your research and in partnership with a qualified pet healthcare professional.

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