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Is Lemon Balm Safe for Dogs? by PetWell

Is Lemon Balm Safe for Dogs?


Is lemon balm safe for dogs?  Absolutely, it is safe for both dogs and cats.

As a supplement, lemon balm for dogs and cats can be a natural way to assist many health issues. Including digestive issues, separation anxiety, stress, irritability and sleep disorders.

Lemon balm (Melissa officinalis) is native to Iran, central Asia, and southern Europe. Today, it grows naturally in many parts of the world.

A herb, lemon balm is a member of the mint family. It develops as a bushy, leafy herb with little white flowers and a lovely lemon scent. It smells and tastes strongly like lemon and mint. Despite having a somewhat unassuming appearance, lemon balm offers an astoundingly wide range of medical benefits, both for humans and for animals.

Lemon balm is included in PetWell's CALM Anxiety Aid supplement and functional treats. 

PetWell CALM Anxiety Aid Supplement and Treats for Cats and Dogs

Volatile oils, tannins, terpenes, eugenol, and flavonoids are among the substances found in lemon balm.  These components provide the herb with several medicinal properties, including calming benefits, antiviral and antibacterial, muscle-relaxing, and pain-relieving benefits. 

The tannins are an antiviral, the terpenes is a soothing agent, and eugenol reduces muscle spasms, destroys bacteria, and has analgesic pain-relieving properties.

In pets, lemon balm is also beneficial for digestive problems and can be used to treat sleep issues in senior pets. It especially helps dogs to lessen agitation and anxiety brought on by canine cognitive impairment.

Topically, it is also an effective disinfectant for minor cuts and wounds, as well as an effective muscle-relaxant for sores and pains.

Benefits of lemon balm for dogs and cats;

What are the benefits of lemon balm for dogs and cats? There are many! Let’s take a closer look at how this wonderful herb might be beneficial for your pet’s health.


Lemon balm is most frequently used on animals to relieve nervousness, separation anxiety or as a calming agent. Best known for the fact that, despite its sedative effects, it does not render animals somnambulistic or incoherent but rather increases their alertness and focus whilst calming them. 

Many dog owners use lemon balm as a supplement for senior dogs who experience anxiety due to dementia or confusion.

If your pet is suffering with stress and anxiety, try PetWell CALM Anxiety Aid, that contains lemon balm along  with other calming and restorative ingredients.

Digestion Health

Stomach sensitivity and anxiety are frequently linked. Fortunately, lemon balm is beneficial to your dog's digestive tract as well. 

Numerous pets, especially dog's have gastrointestinal problems including diarrhoea or stomach ache as a result of their nervousness. 

Because of the high antioxidant qualities and abundance of flavonoids that it contains, lemon balm is a powerful digestive aid. Additionally, it possesses at least eight antiviral compounds and twelve anti-inflammatory components.

Respiratory Health

As stated above, the antioxidants, antiviral properties and anti-inflammatory components in lemon balm helps to naturally ward off upper respiratory infections.

In Summary 

As a supplement, lemon balm for dogs and cats is a great natural way to treat separation anxiety, gut issues, stress, sleep disorders and irritability. 

We always recommend you use caution and consult your veterinarian before switching your pet's medication out for lemon balm.

The Science behind it

Don’t just take our word for it, here are some evidence-based studies for you to review.

eugenol found in Lemon Balm calms muscle tension and kills bacteria
Anti-Stress Effects of Lemon Balm
Lemon balm studies for benefits
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Developed by a pet naturopath, PetWell have all-natural, Australian made supplements for your pets.  

PetWell's CALM Anxiety Aidcontains the right amount of lemon balm as well as other all-natural ingredients that work perfectly together to calm your pet and boost their immune system.


PetWell CALM Anxiety Aid Supplement and Treats for Cats and Dogs

The entire contents of this email and website are not to be taken as medical advice. The team at Pet Squad Pty Ltd trading as PetWell encourages you to make your own pet healthcare decisions based upon your research and in partnership with a qualified pet healthcare professional.


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