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Wellness Practices for Dogs: Keeping Your Pet Healthy and Happy


Wellness practices for dogs and keeping your pet healthy and happy are important because they directly impact their longevity and quality of life. 

Just as with humans, a proactive approach to health and wellness can help prevent numerous health issues, ensuring that your pet enjoys a happier, more comfortable existence. 

By adopting wellness practices for dogs, you're not only prolonging your dog's lifespan but also strengthening the bond you share and providing them with the opportunity to lead a fulfilling and happy life.

Best Wellness Practices for Dogs

Balanced Nutrition

One of the most crucial aspects of your dog's well-being is their diet. Providing them with a well-balanced and nutritious diet is fundamental to their overall health. Ensure their food is rich in high-quality proteins, essential fats, vitamins, and minerals. 

If need be, consult with a qualified pet nutritionist to determine the best diet for your dog's specific needs, as age, size, and breed can all influence dietary requirements.  

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 Regular exercise, a balanced diet, preventative healthcare, and mental stimulation are all essential for your dog's overall well-being. 

Regular Exercise

Exercise is not only essential for your dog's physical health but also for their mental well-being. Regular physical activity helps control weight, promotes strong muscles, and joints, and reduces the risk of health issues. The appropriate level of exercise depends on your dog's breed and age. Options include daily walks, playtime at the park, or more intense activities like hiking and agility training.

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Stress Management

Reducing stressors in your dog's life is a key component of their overall wellness. By creating a calm and predictable environment you can significantly reduce their stress levels. Use positive training techniques, and be attentive to your dog's needs. Every dog is unique, so understanding your pet's individual stressors and addressing them accordingly is essential for their well-being.

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PetWell® CALM – Anxiety Aid supplement, developed by a pet naturopath, is packed with naturally occurring calming ingredients including l-tryptophan and l-theanine.

PetWell CALM Anxiety Aid Supplement and Treats for Cats and Dogs

PetWell® also offers a delightful twist with functional treats, CALM + LAMB, that serve as ideal meal toppers and training aids, tailored to dogs struggling with anxiety. 

These treats feature freeze-dried lamb infused with PetWell® CALM supplement, creating the ultimate healthy calming treat for your beloved pets.

Preventative Healthcare

Regular veterinary check-ups are vital for your dog's wellness. These visits help detect potential health issues early on, allowing for timely intervention. Discuss vaccination schedules, parasite control, and dental care with your veterinarian. Prevention is better than cure!

Mental Stimulation

Dogs are intelligent animals that require mental stimulation to stay happy and engaged. Toys, puzzles, and interactive games can provide mental enrichment for your furry friend. Consider activities like hide-and-seek, treat-dispensing toys, or obedience training to challenge your dog's mind and keep them content.

Grooming and Hygiene

Regular grooming and hygiene practices are essential not only for your dog's appearance but also for their health. Brushing their coat helps prevent matting and skin issues, while regular baths keep their skin clean. Don't forget to trim their nails and clean their ears to prevent discomfort and infections.

Social Interaction

Dogs are social animals that thrive on human interaction and companionship. Spending quality time with your dog, and socialising with other dogs can significantly contribute to their happiness. Loneliness and lack of socialisation can lead to behavioural problems, so make sure your dog is part of your daily life.

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Training for Behaviour and Structure

Training is a fundamental aspect of dog wellness. It plays a pivotal role in ensuring that your pooch understands how to behave and adapt to the human world. Dogs seek guidance from their human companions. Proper training provides them with the structure they need to thrive.

Proper Shelter and Safety

Ensuring your dog has a safe and comfortable living environment is crucial. Provide shelter from extreme weather conditions and ensure your yard is secure, so your dog can't escape or encounter dangerous situations. Microchipping and proper identification are also important in case your dog gets lost.

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In Summary

Wellness practices for dogs are essential to keeping your fur family healthy and happy. By providing all the wellness practices for dogs, and a safe living environment, you can help your dog lead a long and satisfying life. 

As mentioned earlier, it’s important to note that each dog is unique, so tailor your care to their specific needs. 


The entire contents of this email and website are not to be taken as medical advice. PetWell encourages you to make your own pet healthcare decisions based on your research and in partnership with a qualified pet healthcare professional.

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